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Your First Visit

Your First Visit

On your first visit, be prepared to give your full medical history which is a primary factor in developing an appropriate treatment plan. We will be able to glean vital information about your current condition from records such as diagnostic test results, MRIs, and X-rays.

There are particular components of your medical history that are necessary for a chiropractor and provides clues about diagnosing your condition accurately. These include whether you currently have or had in the past:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Osteoporosis or other bone disorders
  • Blurred vision or dizziness
  • Poor circulation
  • Arthritis and other joint disorders
  • Injuries like fractures, sprains, or disc injuries
  • Infections especially those that relate to the spine
  • Heart trouble

You will need to answer questions like:

  • Did your pain start directly after an injury?
  • Is there anything that you do which improves the pain or makes it worse?
  • How and when did the pain begin?
  • Where is the pain centrally located?

The Physical Exam & What to Expect:

The first part of the exam involves checking your vital signs, blood pressure, and reflexes. Measurements may sometimes be taken to determine leg and arm length. Following this you will need to do some basic and simple activities which will provide information about balance, motor skills, gait, and more. The tests are also used to see what your range of motion is as well as strength and muscle tone and your nervous system’s condition. Abnormalities that are uncovered can help to diagnose your condition.

Some of the exercises include:

  • Bending sideways, backwards, or forwards - Spinal vertebrae that is misaligned can at times be uncovered during this exercise.
  • Extend and flex your leg - This test indicates sprains and helps to determine the condition of your joints. It is also called the “Yeoman’s Test”.
  • Gripping a small item like a rubber ball which demonstrates muscular tone or the presence of nerve damage.
  • Lying down and raising one leg up which is called the “Thomas Test.” It allows the chiropractor to check for joint mobility.
  • Standing and raising one leg which shows whether there is sciatica present. You may also be asked to raise your leg while the chiropractor pushes on it to determine whether there is inflammation, joint  imbalance, or pain. This test is also known as the “Psaos Muscle Test.”
  • Standing or sitting - Your posture can often demonstrate misalignments in the spine.
  • Walking in a straight line - Your gait is measured in this test which determines whether you have a traditional walking pattern.
  • Walking in place - Your pelvis and spine coordination will be visible during this test.

Following this, a short physical exam given by the chiropractor involves palpation to determine the alignment of the spine and to diagnose the cause of pain. Diagnostic tests may be administered depending on your condition. These tests may include CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, blood work, or other laboratory tests.

You may also need to make some lifestyle changes in the areas of nutrition, exercise, or smoking cessation in order to promote faster healing and reduce the chance of further injury.

Ft. Campbell Chiropractic serves the areas of Clarksville, TN, and Ft. Campbell. Contact us for a consultation with one of our chiropractors by calling (931) 920-0077.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Wow!!! My experience with Dr. Curtis and staff was more than what I expected.. The customer service was very professional and they made me feel comfortable... I would recommend all my friends and family. Thanks for the adjustment I feel great..... Thank you all for your help.........."
    Robert P., CLARKSVILLE, TN

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